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Dental Centar b2 provides dental services using the latest technology, skills and team experience.

Dental implants with a lifelong guarantee!

Are you missing one or more teeth? Then implants with a lifetime guarantee are the right choice for you! Every tooth lost can be a reason for implant placement. Avoid abrasion of your own healthy teeth and the wearing of various mobile devices.

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All-on-4® treatment concept – teeth in one day

The All-on-4® treatment concept provides edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on four implants on the day of surgery. This quickly leads to improved patient satisfaction – with regards to function, esthetics, sense, speech, and self-esteem.

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Crowns at a cost of £198!

When the majority of the tooth structure has been destroyed, the crown is the tool of choice, as it best compensates for all the lost natural features of your teeth and protects the remaining teeth from further deterioration!

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Veneers - a special WOW effect!

If your smile is making you dissatisfied with your appearance, then there is a simple, painless and non-invasive solution, such as veneers, which represent a major breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry.

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Frame your smile! Rejuvenation

Do you wish to rejuvenate your face? Send us your photo, tell us what you would like to do, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a proposal for one or more of these procedures.

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Free consultation

We are a dental clinic in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, and we have great flight connections with the UK. Should you decide to come visit our clinic, you will be in Zagreb in two hours with a direct flight from Heathrow.

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Our prices

We offer treatments (implants, crowns, veneers, etc.) at a fraction of the price in Britain.

New prices in Zagreb (£) Prices in London (£) Savings in %
Check up free 75 100%
Implant uncovering, impressions, anaesthetics, healing screws free 130 100%
Panoramic x-ray free 60 100%
Implant after care kit free 30 100%
Implant Nobel Biocare/Straumann/Astra Tech 595 1950 70%
Abutment for implant Nobel Biocare/Straumann/Astra Tech 159 450
Implant Neodent 535 1550 66%
Abutment Neodent 139 450 69%
Implant Alpha bio 479 1350 65%
Abutment for implant Alpha bio 129 400 69%
Internal maxillary sinus floor elevation 315 900 65%
Bone augmentation 159 450 65%
Dental restorations
Metal-ceramic crown 198 600 67%
Zirconium-ceramic crown 275 900 70%
White Gold-ceramic crown 399 1250 68%
Ceramic veneers 339 950 64%
Temporary crown in resin free 65 100%
Conservative dentistry
Aesthetic white filling 45 130 65%
Root canal 65 170 63%
Phillips ZOOM lamp whitening 265 750 65%
*This are the prices for cash payment. 10% cash discount is already included. You can find our entire pricelist on the Dental Centre B2 official website

Where Are We

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, the newest EU member

Dental office

We conscientiously and responsibly provide first­rate service in a pleasant and modern environment.

In order to ensure that your visit and treatment are as pleasant as possible, the team must be professional, kind and friendly! Dental Centre b2 strives to achieve in modern dental medicine.

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Case studies

Return home from Zagreb with a smile whether you need implants, veneers or crowns

Implants instead of dentures – Dentist in Croatia

George K. (58) came to our office with a desire to laugh again without having to hide his smile. Upon examination, it was determined that he needed complete prosthetic rehabilitation. The patient had no teeth in the aesthetic zone on the upper jaw and on the right side of the lower jaw, but he no longer wanted to wear removable dentures. In consultation with the patient, an implant was installed in the upper right area, and two implants in the lower zone, enabling the patient to obtain fixed prosthetics. Two months after the installation of the implants, the required time for the implants to heal, the patient returned to our office and preparations began for the permanent fixture. In the meantime, the patient received temporary teeth that meet his aesthetic and functional needs. Within a week, all the work was completed and the results are visible in the photo.

Free hand bonding – Dentist in Croatia

Emily A. (30) came into our office wanting to correct her smile, but expressly refused that her fully healthy teeth be abraded. Upon examination, we found that in her case, the technique of free hand bonding was applicable, and which for many years has been successfully applied by Professor Didier Dietschi (Geneva Smile Centre). This is the application of high quality aesthetic composite materials that can correct imperfections in a smile only with an upgrade, without abrading the teeth. In this case, we first made a simulation of smiles in the laboratory in order to present the future looks to the patient. She agreed and the final results are shown in these photos. “I’m grateful to Dental Centre b2 for giving me a “Hollywood” smile – special thanks go to Dr. Bago. They provided the best treatment with very friendly staff, in an ambience so wonderful you almost wish that your teeth would ache just to visit them more often”.

All on 4 method – Dentist in Croatia

Olivia P. (60) came to the clinic with symptoms of chronic periodontitis. Upon clinical and radiological examination, we found that none of the teeth in her upper jaw had a good prognosis and unfortunately all would have to be removed. The patient did not want to consider dentures, and so her terms were – teeth immediately but no dentures. The only option left in this case are teeth set on implants. After clinical analysis and examining the financial option, we decided on the “All on 4” method. With this method it is possible to replace lost teeth and gums with fixed prosthetic work in just a few hours. With this method, all the teeth in the upper jaw were removed at once and new ones installed, which met all the patient’s requirements and she left the office very happy. “My teeth were loose, which was frustrating, and I was not well. I received my new teeth really quickly, in just two and a half hours. I still cannot believe that such a complex procedure can last only two hours and twenty minutes, and just half an hour after the procedure, I was sipping cafe with friends, with my new smile.”


A personal recommendation from our clients is the best compliment we can receive. This means that you are not only satisfied with the care and service we provide, but that you trust that we will do the same for your family, friends and colleagues.

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